Is a Home Business a Real Way to Make Money From Home?

Yes. Absolutely.

We’ve been making a good living at home and online, since 2007.

Many people get involved in a home business (also called network marketing or MLM), but where and how do you get started?

There seems like so many different home business opportunities and new ways to earn money on the web. They all offer different commission plans or affiliate programs and a lot of different products & services.

So is a home business the best way of making money online, or would internet marketing and affiliate marketing be a better money making idea?

They are both lucrative, but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to build a team (choose a home business/MLM) or if your time is better suited to working alone (choose internet and affiliate marketing).

These types of questions have been around since the dawn the home business industry and will get asked thousands of times over, forever more. Due diligence must be a first step when joining a network marketing opportunity.

The majority of people, including myself many years ago jump right in thinking it’s going to be a breeze making money with their new found hobby!

That is the first mistake people make, but usually it’s not their fault. The fact is that there is a vast amount of people out there mis-selling newcomers to this professional and great industry, of how easy it is to make money. This is not the truth.

There Are Numerous Things to Consider

  • Do you have the time?
  • How much time do you have to commit to running a home business?
  • Will you be able to set aside the time you need to focus, market and learn how to get traffic to build your business?
  • Who are you going to focus on marketing your opportunity to?
  • Which company do you choose?
  • Is there website ‘sellable’ to your customers.

The list is endless.

Where Do You Start?

The best way to start is to write a business plan. This will set out what you expect your online business to look like.

By that, I mean this.

How quickly do you intend to grow your team, and how big? How much income do you want to be making by the end of month one, month two etc. Are you going to market online.

Are you then going to focus on search engine marketing, PPC or social media and video marketing.

Learn how to build your own website and writing valuable content (tip: if you remember that you are always a student and read every ebook, you will become an expert) which people will want to know more about.

Or are you going to go old school and build your business face to face?

All these things must be considered and planned out. Plan out the time scales and set yourself goals and targets to hit. By doing this, you will keep better focused on your ultimate goal – whatever that may be.

Once you have set out these first steps, step up to the first one and once that is completed, go on to the next with the reassurance that you are right on track.

If you get stuck along the way, particularly if you are new, you must ask for help. I cannot stress this enough.

If you don’t ask, you may never know or even continue making mistakes and lose money along your way instead of making money, which is ultimately the reason joined your home business in the first place.

Everything We Do in Life Starts With Learning

From our first steps as babies, to learning to talk, learning to read and write. Starting work for the first time, you have to learn a trade.

Owning a home business and working online is no different.

You must read about every home business tip you can find, dissolve it and use it to your advantage. Whatever you don’t agree with or can’t get your head around, either discard it or set it aside and read it at a time when you think you will ‘get it’.

Spend time learning, reading and watching.

And continue sucking in knowledge about marketing, mindset and most of all find yourself a mentor. Whether that be your sponsor or someone else in your upline, or someone else. These are the fundamentals.

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