How to Make Money on Hubpages

Making money on Hubpages can easily be accomplished in a few simple steps. I generally use Hubpages for SEO purposes and build link hubs around certain niches, with links pointing to my money sites.

But I also make a consistent passive income from a couple of my hubpages profiles, from Adsense and the Amazon affiliate program. So whatever my purpose for building hub, I will always include several related products in my content, or a list of books for people to buy.

Adsense ads will always appear on your own hubs, so if you want to earn the revenue when people click on the ads, you must put your user ID from the Adsense program in the affiliate settings account page.

Follow these guidelines for setting out your hubs and getting the most out of this platform, or you run the risk of getting low amounts of traffic to your content, which means you will not make money for effort you have put into writing!

Setting Up Your Hubpages Profile

I have found the best option for setting out your profile is to write a few paragraphs, including a few links to other hubbers. This is the first step to increase your hubscore.

Writing Your First Hub

Choose a title for your hub which you have found through keyword research (if you’re not relying on search engine traffic, this part is not so important) and make sure the spelling is correct as this will also be your hub’s URL (title in web browser).

Next choose a category. If you don’t see one in the list on that page, just click on ‘browse’ and pick it there. You may have to search a few sub-categories if you don’t see a suitable category right away.

The last thing to do on that page is to choose some tags in relation to your article.

Assemble Your Capsules and Getting a High Hubscore

Tip: The higher your hubscore, means the better quality your hub is and the more traffic it will receive. You won’t necessarily get a high score when your hub first goes live, but it will increase over time before fluctuating slightly.

And we start this task by adding multiple capsules to our hub.

On the following page is where you will add capsules and write your article.

Tip: Don’t write your article directly into your Hubpage. I recommend first typing it out on a text editor, then you can split it up into sections with different headings.

Once you have your article written out on perhaps notepad, copy the first paragraph into the summary section on the right hand side and uncheck ‘calculate summary automatically’.

This summary will then appear in search results.

Depending on the length of your article, which should be no less than 750 words (I have found this to work best) and use at least three text capsules, a photo capsule to go with each text one and also add at least one related video.

You may have one of your own you want to use, which is recommend. If not, get one from Youtube.

If the video is not yours, place it near the bottom at the end of the text capsules so people read your content and don’t watch the video.

Remember, your aiming for a high score, so it’s usually a good idea to include a video or two.

Then add a couple of Amazon capsules (did you import your Amazon affiliate ID?) and perhaps an Ebay capsule (I personally stick with Amazon).

You could also add a map capsule, if you are writing or referring to places in your article.

Then finally at the bottom I recommend adding a news capsule. In fact it’s a good idea to place this under a comments section at the very bottom, so people are again, not distracted away from your article.

Ok with your article published (I recommend adding around 3 – 5 new hubs every week to keep as this helps keep new traffic flowing to your hubs), you should get involved with the Hubpage community.

You can do this by answering questions, visiting the forum (I don’t use the Hubpage forum because it takes up too much time but you may have more time), asking questions and also leaving comments on other peoples hubs.

It is also a good idea when someone leaves a comment on one of your Hubs, to either comment back or to leave them some fanmail. This is another way to increase your hubscore, by getting involved with the community.

Getting Traffic to Your Hubpage Hub

You will naturally get Hubpage traffic and you can also direct your current customer list if you have one, to your new hub. Do this by sending out an email newsletter containing a link to your hub.

You can also use other forms of marketing to get traffic to your hub. Video marketing is a great idea and you can also use Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

But don’t make your social network posts too ‘sales pitchy’ as this will put people off reading your hub.

Hubpage Traffic With SEO and Backlinks

Hubpages will naturally get quickly indexed on search engines. But you can enhance this by getting a great variety of inbound links pointing to your hub.

I personally use this system to get backlinks, because it lets me know where and how many links I have built to my hubs and money sites.

Use these methods to get backlinks to your hubs:

1. Articles uploaded to articles directories
2. Forum profile links and posts
3. Social bookmarking sites
4. Comments on other peoples blogs, particularly WordPress blogs.

NB: You will learn how to get hundreds of backlinks with this program.

Also, don’t add headings to every capsule. In fact just add a heading to the first one. I suggest adding a ‘H3′ title like this to some of your middle text capsules.


1 –
2 –
3 – Amazon affiliate program
4 – Google adsense program

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