Invest in Yourself and Your Business

Or your prospects and customers will not invest in you! It’s that simple.

If you are unwilling to invest in your own business, then why would any prospect want to either?

By investing I mean not just by investing your time, but by investing your money back into your business. Can you expect your business to grow if you are unwilling to promote it?

Can you expect to create leads, which turn into business partners and customers, which generate you income, if you don’t invest money into marketing your business services and products?

That’s a resounding, NO.

By investing in your own business, meaning ‘You, Inc.’, you cannot really lose, but only when you do it effectively. Even if you do lose out you really gain, its different to investing in the stock exchange and your shares crash, because investing in yourself and in your business, either of these two things WILL happen!

Your investment pays off, generating endless targeted leads, which gives you an increase in income, ultimately giving you everything you want!

Your investment does not pay off for whatever reason, but you learn a valuable lesson.
When we lose money it makes us stop to think and analyze the reasons why this has happened!

And you know that the next time you are confronted with similar problems, due to the experience you have gained from this occasion – you will generate leads for your business, and then increase your income – by fortunes, because you will never make that same mistake again.

Investing in yourself and your business should remain a priority throughout your career, even in these hard times of the economy in decline! As only the business owners who continue to invest in marketing and personal development are literally the only ones who will survive the recession!

Something I’ve noticed personally, is what is happening on the television as we speak!

The large companies like breakfast cereal & soft drink makers like Nestle and Coca Cola(examples..), are shall we say “hitting our screens hard!” as are travel companies!

When hardly anyone is thinking of taking cruises or vacations, due to lack of money – why are these ‘luxuries’ being ‘blasted’ in our faces on the TV?

This is the Reason…

Those companies know that only the strong will survive and to become strong contenders or even… survive the recession!

They know that you must invest in your business.

They know that by investing that bit more in advertising and marketing now, it will pay them dividends in the future!

Surviving the recession is the main focus of many such companies right now, not increasing profits… But merely to keep what they have, afloat!

Remember, if you don’t spend money to market your products and services, why should anyone spend money on purchasing them or joining you!

In times when people are looking for the best person to lead them to success (or out of the 9 to 5 world!) or the best deal on a specific product…

Don’t make it harder for that person to find you!


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