Your Business Will Fail if Your Prospect Does Not Have The Emotional Desire

Does your prospect really want what you are selling?

An interesting question you ask?!


It is not before your customer or prospect has the Emotional Desire to buy, will you get them to buy from you!

Make Sense?

Probably not, well not just yet anyway.

No matter how much you ‘try’ and sell your products or services (to ANYONE), it won’t be until that person finds the emotional desire, that any sale will take place.

The key is to get your prospect or customer excited about your product or service.

Don’t try and put the cart before the horse by trying to sell ‘logic’ – it’s pointless! Create the excitement in their mind (for WHY they MUST have what you are selling..) and they’ll come up with the logic to join you, without you!

We all know the reasons why people do buy, the opposite of these applies to the reasons why people don’t…

They have..

1. No Need

2. No desire

3. No Money

4. No Trust

5. No Hurry

The biggest obstacle is TRUST.

No matter how good the sales person you are if the customer doesn’t trust you then they will never buy from you regardless of price or how enthusiastic you may be.

The higher the level of trust the customer has in you as a person (NOT your company..), the higher the sales you will make and more associates you will partner with.

By working on building trust within the relationship, the other four reasons as to why people don’t buy can be eliminated in time by the customer using their own logic, which you ‘suggested’ to them.

“Nothing happens in the world of business until somebody sells” (quote), fact..!

My friend, be ultimately proud of what you are selling and convey that pride & passion to your customers and everything else will fall in place and you making and incredible amount of sales, which in the end puts money in the bank!

To Your Success & Freedom.



Quote by Zig Ziglar –


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